I should be doing assignments but I'm waiting for my frozen sausage chorizo to unfreeze while sharing my boring instagram photos.
I think this is all that's on my account so don't go there expecting more! haha.
Honestly I'm not really digging it but it's a convenient way to take spiffy snapshots on the way to work/school on the train.
I prefer the good ol 3kg dslr ;)

Being productive at work.

Alice wonderland (a.k.a Alice)

I noticed we were having a hairy day...

Beauty and the troll

School, work and life has taken over.
Im having a little holiday ;)
Although making instagram-y like photos is fun

I've got some more goodies added in the Garage sale.
Will add more tommorrow.

 This isn't even half my shoe collection.
The other half awaits back at Tweed ;__;

So I really need to sell things I don't wear.
I'll try and post some things every week so stay tuned.
My space in my new apartment is limited and the extra moolah for my planned month long secret trip next year would benefit.
Also we are all aware of bloggers' shopping addictions and the real life fact of paying for rent and travel ;)

Here's a little work of art by the Romance was Born duo that i'm letting go ;__;

I'm not really much of a denim shorts girl because I don't have that 'cool' factor to get away with it.
Hel-lo I was in the most unpopular group in highschool a.k.a the Mega and Larissa group which was very much like Romy and Michelle.
In my mind it just looks really skanky on me so I only ever wear them on extremely hot days.
Days that my winter wardrobe can't even be altered to save me.

These are a pair from One Teaspoon that i patiently waited for the sale season to grab.
Despite being a size 10 and not my preferred size 6 they were worth the 50% off.
I actually need to use an office clip to hold it together on the inside at the back because belts go to cowboy state on me.