Before & After

 I don't know why people think I have good skin.
My makeup is pretty horrible because I usually just put foundation, powder, eyeliner and lipgloss on, all of which I think provide a medium coverage.
Well here is a before and after photo of me and full makeup.
I don't ever go out like this unless its for a night time event or I'm around other Asians who dont mind contacts or going to the Asian photo booths.
I even recorded a video which I'll try and post later on in the week.


  1. You are pretty with and without makeup, cool :0 it's like just two different styles :) It's funy you wont usually wear contacts when you're with your non-asian friends 'cause infinland circle lenses have become so common to see (on others than asians!) that nearly no-one minds anymore :D at least that's how it is in the south.

  2. Hahaha how did I get so many typos into one comment :D?!? Damn phone...

  3. So ore so Your realy pretty - so lucjy to see You blogin again ^^