Moving out of home is undeniably scary and most usually expensive for us youngins' so we need to be interior savvy.
While you might find some great pieces on Ebay and the trading post shipping can become an issue for students without a car.
In Australia Ikea is by far the cheapest place for new and unused modern furniture. I think getting through the day with nice furniture actually helps you study/work harder so if you have extra money saved up, why not spend it on furniture rather than a new dress?

The quality isn't great but it's decent. Before you say 'Oh but thats what you pay for with the low prices,' well, not really. Friends have told me once you disassemble it it's never the same even after a few months. For $100 I'd like a little bit more quality please since I know for sure in Indonesia, which happens to be our closest neighboring country, Ive found the same item's at $15. Surely shipping couldn't be that much more and if job cuts were an issue in Aus maybe those conversing kids in the bedding section who didn't spare a minute to help me shouldn't be there. Just saying.

Ive searched major department stores from Kmart to David jones and believe me, Ikea beats them in price and value when you consider for a young persons' budget.
My sheet set (the blue one on the right) with the duna cover and 4 pillow cases was only $15 from Ikea. The pillows were $8 each, also from ikea and duna $25, Target.
To be honest my mum has a few duna sets and quilts from Sheridan starting from $700 up to the thousand and from personal experience, the expensive sheets at home make me sleep just as well as my totalled $64 bedding set.

Cutlery is by far the cheapest in Kmart with cute bowls and mugs for $2 and my trusty toaster for $9.

My move was really quick, right after I came back from my holiday actually, so I only have the clothes I packed during my holiday and a bag from home. :(

This wardrobe only had the hanger rod at the top. Putting in the drawer and hanging blocks gave me more space.

The half of the table I share with my roommate. If you do share be considerate. Put out items you use the most in case its an early morning and you need to get up first.

My side on the right.

Sharing rings in our lolly jars. Rings are divided by gold and silver.


  1. loveyour blog no matter how many times you change it but ur font is a little hard to read or maybe its just me idk

  2. lol gotta agree the font is abit hard to read! Im in love with your jars of jewellery though SO PRETTY!!



  3. You have honestly always had some of my favorite "room" pics. So luxurious looking and inspiring Mega!

  4. This is incredible! I'm definitely going to be doing this ring jars now! Your closet and sheets look amazing as well.

    Hope all is well! xoxo

  5. omg you guys are sooo cute. I love how you split the bed! awww <3

  6. Love your pictures! I can't wait to live by myself and really be in control of my interior... haha. I third that comment on the font, though!

    xx Nicole

  7. The lolly jars are suuuch a cute idea!

    I didn't say anything earlier because I was too lazy too and just skipped reading your text, but there was so much text this time and I really did want to read what you said. But your chosen font is incredibly hard to read. You've always had a beautiful blog layout and it's partially marred (to me) now by having to strain to read the text.

    Maybe it's just me and my terrible eyesight, or even my laptop monitor setting..

    Good luck with the new move! Flatting is so much fun!

  8. perfect tips, love the lolly jar sharing rings :)
    hope your move has gone smoothly mega, take care dearie <3
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  9. I wanna say THANKS! You give me an idea how to organize my rings now. And I like the way you and your roommate shared spaces. It looks balance and you have a tidy room! :)

  10. I absolutely ADORE how you placed your rings in a jar. It's so appealing and I'm sure reaching in to choose one would make you feel like a child reaching in for candy! ^_^


  11. OMG i'm so obsessed with rings. your's look absolutely amazing in lolly jars - they are eye candies without a doubt .


    anthea xx

  12. love the pics of your side of the dresser.
    can't believe i never thought of rings in lolly jars. so perfect!
    ikea are definitely the best when it comes to homewares and storage solutions. especially the way their displays give you a bit of inspiration on how to decorate the room. not to mention that going to ikea is always a blast!

    mel x