Despite having not cared for school marks (rarely) and the microcosm world of the playground I find myself wearing school inspired outfits these days.
If I had the guts to go out looking like I've lost my way from an ott american tween movie set I'd probably look like this every day.
Take off the glasses and this is what I wore to go to lunch with a friend a few days ago.
Is it me, or are we lacking the large groups of prep styled teen's and twenty something's. 
Especially compared to the scenesters/emo's/goths/surfer's and whatnot; groups that can be easily spotted from the Westfield tower.
Where are the Blair Waldorf's and Cher Horowitz's?
 I'm in no way suggesting having a maid slave or rotating wardrobe is required to dress in their style, I'm just surprised I haven't seen clusters of young people looking the ott prep part yet.

Sass and bide jacket, Cotton On Top


  1. hi! loving the new blog (and your outfits as always). i dunno bout australia but in the states, that preppy/hipster thing is all over the place! totally overran the emos/punks/surfers. i also wanted to comment that although the font is gorgeous, it's really hard to read :(

  2. I'd just guess You'd be able to find those people in the hamptons or something of the sorts?

    This outfit reminds me of a jacket I have that is very similar to yours!


  3. love those lace shorts! :) <3 new follower babe.

  4. Pangstr : Wow!

    Mela Lynn : Ooh. We have nothing like the Hamptons here.

    Vivalalvy : <3

  5. I love this outfit! Great photos :)

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  7. What lenses do you use babe? Your photos are fantastic!!