I handed out 25 resumes in the past week and out of the 25, 21 rung me back up for the interview stage and I was then able to get picky.
By all means go to all the interviews if you like to better your chance of getting a job but don't forget you should also be chosing places you not only enjoy coming to every day but have a passion for.

I narrowed it down to 3 interviews of my top 3 and I got 2, the third totally decided not to call me.
I would have preferred the confirmation that I didn't get the job but I wasn't surprised considering the company.

Aanyway, I wore this to my interviews with the two I got the job in and handing out my resume.
The pose I'm in is really bad because I'm not in the mood to configure the self timer x.x
I'd say it assisted in their decision making by at least 30%
 The job I didn't get I wore something colourful but I'm pretty sure one of my references was a bitch because the other two hired me on the spot.

My tips on making a good impression is to wear black somewhere in your ensemble, preferably a fitted blazer or pants/skirt. It doesn't hurt to slim your figure so make sure the fitted piece you find suits your height and body shape :) 
It's better to dress up than down however for a position in General Pants you'd better dress up as you would in General Pants. I actually spoke to a manager and he gave me the job on the spot while I was handing the resumes out in this outfit.
Black looks good on everyone but having said this don't go overboard and look like a goth or too corporate. I think the nautical shirt is a fresh change from a crisp white button up and it makes my look more casual.
Wear flats for most occasions! I'm pretty sure even for a top designer company like Chanel would prefer it if you weren't in sky high stilettos. Kitten heels may be okay but I would always go for flats. I have the heeby jeebies for any girl who may accidentally slip in her heels or walk funny before an interview. 
Wear simple makeup. I'll do a tutorial with more on makeup another day.
Hair is difficult for each person and for the place you're applying for.
Your smile is a powerful weapon.

Zara Blazer and Pants, Dotti Shirt, Lovisa Necklace, Miu Miu Bag, Chanel Flats.

Here is where I will be working as supervisor.


  1. fantastic tips and a fantastic new job! by supervisor you mean, in a Thurley boutique? congrats :)


  2. Great advice! I'll be sure to incorporate it all when I go looking for a job in Melbourne (:

    xx Nicole

  3. getting to work where you love is such a privilege, it's great you followed your dreams ;]


  4. Hi there,

    I'd just like to say that I've been a fan of your blog for a while (ever since the start of Absolutely Oblivious actually), and I was wondering if you could give me some extra advice. A sorry in advance if these questions may seem rather stupid, but I literally am absolutely oblivious with how to make an impression when finding a job in fashion/retail - especially when I've worked in hospitality for the past five years and want to steer clear from that industry.

    I'd just like to ask, do you just give the resume to the person at the front desk, or do you always ask for the manager? When handing in your resume, is there a particular thing to say to them to catch their attention rather than saying "I'd just like to hand in my resume", for instance.

    Sorry again about the stupid questions, but it seems like you know what you're doing, considering you got a job rather quickly. I just graduated high school and I'm moving to Brisbane by myself in less than two weeks and need to find some work pretty soon, or else I won't be able to support myself afterwards.

    If you need somewhere to reply to me, feel free to comment in one of my posts on hellotherenicci.blogspot.com or via email at hellotherenicci@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much Mega!